Remover Cream 10G

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  • Remover Cream 10G
  • Remover Cream 10G
  • Remover Cream 10G
  • Remover Cream 10G

LLL Remover Cream is the perfect no-drip, no-mess way to quickly, gently, and easily remove eyelash extensions while protecting the natural lashes.
- Formulated to stay on the lashes without running into the client's eyes
- Works in just 5-10 minutes
- Practically odorless
- Pain-free removal
- Safe for natural lashes.


  • Using a micro brush, take a small amount of the product and evenly apply it on the surface of the eyelashes, in particular on the places where the artificial eyelashes are attached to the natural ones.
  • Let the remover sit for 5-10 minutes before gently sliding extensions off.
  • Following removal, remove all excess cream before rinsing and washing eyes. Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids, or skin.
  • For professional use only.